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Driving Lessons Wirral

Hourly Driving Instructor Training and Courses in Wirral

For over 40 years, ABC Driving School has been a professional and well-established school, which offers driving instructor training and driving courses. We provide exceptional services to learner drivers over the UK as well as North Wales. We continue to offer a unique and interesting approach to how you learn to drive with us.

The Wirral has lots of interesting and varied routes, including rural, built-up and non-congested roads. We aim to inspire drivers whilst learning with our one-to-one high-quality instructor training, leading to excellent pass rates.

Experience busy roads, as well as quiet ones in this urban location to broaden your concentration skills and knowledge when faced with different situations behind the wheel. Our fully qualified, high-grade instructors will give you the much-needed experience to pass with every chance of success.

If you would like to take a Driving Instructor Course with one of our high-grade instructors, please ensure you book early to avoid disappointment.

With an unbeatable, excellent service, ABC Driving School, have fully qualified instructors who have adapted and honed specialist techniques to ensure you pass. If you are considering driving lessons, the Wirral, as well as many other locations across the UK and North Wales, is a great place to with our highly experienced and competent instructors. All our vehicles are newly plated and are changed annually to give you a problem-free driving experience and feature dual controls to give you complete confidence and assurance when learning with us.

To become a driving instructor you will need to pass three Driving Instructor tests. With the right training and support from ABC Driving School, we can make this an achievable goal. It is possible to complete all three tests within 6 months, however, the average time taken is usually between 7-12 months as the tests are taken in succession. After you have passed the first two tests you have the opportunity to work and earn money under a trainee license (PDI), giving you experience in preparation for your third and final test.

For further information or when deciding on where to complete your driving course give us a shout!

Call Us on: 01492 871090 Text or Call on: 07767 802626 Email us: enquiries@abcdriving.co.uk