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Below in the ABC Driving Resources section you will find lots of helpful information to help you pass your practical driving test. You will find helpful videos and links to guide you through the different parts of your driving exam so you can feel confident in your knowledge and abilities.

Even when you have had plenty of practice driving and you feel comfortable on the road one part of the test that can often phase new drivers in the ‘Show Me Tell Me’ portion of the exam. This is where you will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of your car and of driving conditions.

On you will find great practice question to help you revise for your driving test. Please follow the links below for the ‘Show Me Tell Me’ practice question:

Car ‘Show Me, Tell Me’ Vehicle Safety Questions

‘Show Me, Tell Me’ Questions: Car Driving Test

‘Show Me, Tell Me’ Questions: Car and Trailer Driving Test

Below you will find great educational videos on how to pass your theory test, practical driving test and the benefits of taking your instructor on your test.

How to pass the theory test: official DSA guide

Official DSA car practical test – Are you ready?

Independent driving in the driving test

Take your instructor on your driving test

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