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Residential Driving Courses

Our Residential Driving Courses, (sometimes called a crash course driving or weekly intensive driving courses) combine the learning of an invaluable skill with the enjoyment of a holiday in one of Wales most idyllic and pleasant resorts of Llandudno also known as the Queen of Welsh resorts.

With the fantastic sweeping promenade set between the Great Orme and the Little Orme the perfect place for an intensive driving course and to learn to pass your Practical driving test.

Learn to drive with our week intensive driving course on quiet rural roads with fantastic scenery.

The concept of learning to drive in a relaxed ” holiday atmosphere ” away from normal distractions on our driving courses, has been proven over the years to increase your concentration and therefore maximise your learning potential.



This type of course normally commences at 9 am on a Monday and is completed by 5 pm on the following Friday. In Dual Controlled cars with DVSA registered fully qualified Instructors, We would normally start daily at 9am and finish no later than 6pm including refreshment breaks.



This enables you to learn at your own pace and under much less pressure !

People who have tried unsuccessfully to learn to drive in the past will remember the feelings of frustration at not being able to get behind the wheel often enough to progress and probably feeling after a lesson. “If only I could drive all day, I’m sure I’d master it”. Well now you can with an intensive driving course !

ONE OR TWO WEEKS on our Intensive driving course instead of MONTHS of conventional driving  lessons and the bonus of a holiday in a fantastic Welsh location.

ABC Driving School is open 50 weeks a year closing for just two weeks at Christmas.

A  Practical Driving Test application may only be made subject to you having passed the D S A Theory Test.

We have the option to use two different Practical Driving Test Centres,  Bangor or Rhyl  which means much more chance of obtaining the day/date you require.

You will normally take your Practical Test upon completion of your intensive driving course. This is subject to availability from the DSA Booking Office. We regret no guarantee can be given that a test will be available. In this event we give you the opportunity to return to the school at no extra cost, ( for the car hire ) to take the test.

There are numerous Hotels, Guest Houses or Air B & B’ s you can choose whichever suits you best and pay them direct

Check all mentions of DSA should now read DVSA including books and publications on all pages

Llandudno also offers a variety of good value Restaurants catering  for all tastes and with many fantastic shops all within easy walking distance.  It makes a perfect place to stay, get out and about and relax after your driving.



We would advise you that our driving courses are very popular, therefore advance booking ensures that the date you require is available. We accept bookings for intensive driving courses up to twelve months in advance.

Fill in our online enquiry form.

We also recommend you have taken at least 6 One hour driving lessons with a Bona Fide Driving School prior to starting the driving  course and obtain and study a copy of the DSA ESSENTIAL SKILLS DRIVING MANUAL and the DSA DRIVING TEST BOOK.

A minimum Deposit of £ 250.00 will be required to confirm your intensive  driving course booking, (inclusive DVSA Practical Test and booking fee) together with a completed Registration  form which will be enclosed with your written confirmation, once your telephone/on line order has been processed.

We regret all deposits for  intensive driving courses and residential driving courses are non-refundable.


Crash Course Driving

Learn to Drive in just One Week with our Week Driving Courses!

If you are one of the thousands of learner drivers who have considered taking a ‘crash course’ designed to enable you to pass your test in the quickest possible time, consider visiting the experts here at the ABCDriving School.

Our week driving courses are designed to assist you in offering the best chance of passing your driving test once having passed your theory exam. Having taken at least 6 one hour lessons with a professional driving Instructor previously is recommended, so if you are currently learning to drive and you would like to consider taking part in a one week learn to drive course to rapidly find the success and freedom of passing your test, abcdriving.co.uk could be the answer for you.

The week driving course that we offer takes place in one of North Wales most tranquil and relaxing scenic locations of Llandudno although we do provide our driving lesson services in other locations across the North of Wales. What makes us different from other crash course driving schools is our dedication and commitment to allowing you to learn at a rate that is comfortable with you and the specific roads and routes that we carefully plan that feature low level traffic roads and picturesque views to invoke a calming experience with a terrifically high success rate.

There is much to gain from using our services when looking for an intensive driving course provider. Not only do you get to drive on uncongested rural roads where you can quickly develop confidence but you discover a greater understanding of some of the complexities involved in day to day driving by proficiently learning to drive with some of the best high grade driving Instructors available.

When applying for your week driving course you will not only receive a first class service with established ‘DVSA’  approved professionals but you discover a wonderful holiday environment is incorporated into your stay, to give you a relaxing and exceptional experience in one of North Wales’ favourite holiday resorts in-between your intensive lessons. Taking our one week learn to drive course will enable you to apply all your talents to passing your driving exam.

We alway’s offer a Practical  driving exams whenever  possible at the end of your weekly driving course.

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