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Here at ABC Driving School we specialise in helping you pass your test fast with our Intensive Driving Courses. The key to our success rate lies in our many years of experience helping people of all ages master the art of driving quickly but thoroughly.

Over the years our professional and dynamic team of instructors at ABC have learned the skills to help our pupils get confident in the driver’s seat and learn all the essential elements of driving safely and quickly.

Having the best, most reliable and state of the art cars is something that is very important to us here at ABC Driving so we are delighted to announce our new available car; the top of the range, Renault Clio Dynamique ‘S’. This is the latest model for the Renault Clio and it is a perfect car for learning to drive. The model includes the latest in stop – start systems, which makes this car highly eco-friendly.

This great range of cars comes with a choice of three engines including their smallest model, which is highly suited for young drivers and anyone who is preparing to pass their test. It is an efficient, environmentally friendly and attractive car but most importantly for our pupils, it is easy to handle and manoeuvre when you are learning all the different required road and parking manoeuvres for your test, such as parallel parking, reverse bay parking and safely reversing around a corner. This model has performed highly in all safety tests so you can be assured that you are driving in one of the most reliable cars and one of the safest vehicles of its size range for being out on the roads as a new driver.

ABC Driving always choose our vehicles with the learner’s abilities and safety in mind.

Check out pictures of our gorgeous new car and we are sure you will be inspired to pursue driving lessons with us to gain the freedom that comes with passing your driving test.

We are now offering driving lessons and driving courses in these latest Renault Clio cars so contact us now to book your course.

ABC Driving is one of the best choices for intensive driving courses and getting ready to pass your test as we offer lessons throughout North Wales. This is one of the best and safest regions for learning to drive thanks to its low levels of traffic and clear uncongested roads. Getting to grips with driving skills is much easier on quieter, non city roads in the safest models of cars.

Call Us on: 01492 871090 Text or Call on: 07767 802626 Email us: enquiries@abcdriving.co.uk